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Swizl: Consumer Welcome
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  • Privacy – Your information is safe with us. Only your loyalty card number or PayPal account’s email address will be used in order to process rebates.

  • Discretion – Swizl is completely digital. The days of pulling out a coupon for cash back are behind you forever. .

  • Instant redemptions – Rather than waiting months for mail-in rebates, Swizl credits your loyalty account or deposits money directly into your PayPal account after your purchase is verified.

  • No balance requirements – Redeem every day, once a week, or monthly ‚ there are no minimums or maximums. Use Swizl whenever you want and wherever you are.

  • No ads – We won’t plague users with constant spam messages or force them to watch videos or take surveys – we’re easy to use and we like it that way.

  • Drink or shop anywhere – See a deal you like? Redeem at any store you shop and we’ll be sure to redeem it. Offers vary by state.